(December – March)

Basketball helps athletes develop individual and teamwork skills. Males and females participate on co-ed teams. Skill building sessions help develop basic skills.

  • Mens Red (Division 2)
  • Mens Blue (Division 4)
  • Skills
  • Womens Divas


Pat Minor

Pat works as a Specialist at Stark DD.  She is the Head basketball coach.

Sandy Reed

Sandy is  employed at Stark DD. She coaches basketball and softball.

Paula Gardner

Paula is a Training coordinator at West Stark Center for Stark DD.  She coaches basketball, track & field and softball.

Rich Miday

Rich works in the Supported Employment department. He coaches the skills basketball team.

Titus Stokes

Titus is a Specialist with Stark DD. He coaches basketball and swimming.

Danielle Ware

Danielle works at Southgate School.  She coaches baketball.


Shawn is a Specialist 2 at Stark DD. He coaches basketball.