Bowlers learn techniques to improve their bowling skills as well as socialization skills. League play helps participants prepare for competitions and become part of community-based activities.


David Gingerich

David is another one of the bowling coaches at Stark DD. He has been working with Stark DD for many years. He has been part of the coaching staff since 2014.


Kristine Baughman

Kris has been working at the Stark DD since 1988. And since that time, she has been coaching bowling for over 15 of those years. Kris is an active Booster Club member as well.


Cheryl Pribula

Cheryl is a Specialist 2  with Stark  DD. She coaches bowling and swimming.


Terri Murray

Terri currently works for the Stark DD as a bus rider for the bus garage. She has enjoyed coaching the bowling team since 2007 and she also coaches softball. Terri is an active Booster Club member as well.