Softball Athletes acquire basic skills, appropriate social behavior, and a working knowledge of game rules. The co-ed sport develops hand-eye coordination, agility, speed and body control. It improves total fitness, teaches teamwork, and provides options for community involvement.

  • Mens Red (Division 4)
  • Mens Blue (Division 2)
  • Skills


Paula Gardner

Paula is a  Trainer Coordinator at the West Stark Center. She coaches softball, basketball and track & Field..


Brian Lizotte

Brian is a Specialist with Stark DD.  He is the Head softball coach and he has coached  softball, swimming and bowling.


Sandra Reed

Sandy is an employee here at Stark DD. She coaches softball and basketball.


David Skinner

David was a 1st year coach for softball this year.


Terri Murray

Terri currently works for Stark DD as a bus rider for the bus garage. She coaches softball and bowling.